Digital Perfections specializes in documentation photography of artwork helping our clients in Kelowna, the Okanagan Valley and BC Interior. Yuri Akuney started working with artists and art galleries in 2002. Since he has documented several thousand pieces of artwork for hundreds of clients – artists, art students, collectors, art agents, art magazines, art book publishers, museums and art galleries including Kelowna Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Canada.

Documentation photography is what you need to get images of artwork for:

  • artist’s portfolio
  • websites and social media postings
  • submissions to juried shows
  • applications to art schools
  • applications for grants
  • insurance purposes
  • gallery collection management
  • publications in print and electronic media

The resolution of images produced by our documentation photography is sufficient to print a full page of a regular size magazine with an excellent photographic quality. This covers most potential uses of these photos with the exception of life size prints for paintings over 20″. If you need to print in larger sizes you may consider our services for high resolution scanning of artwork.

We documented pieces in almost every media used by artists – paintings, drawings, etchings, prints, stone and metal sculptures, glass, ceramics, wood carvings, scrimshaw, fiber art, textile art and others. Documenting art installations is another area of our expertise.

We have extensive experience dealing with challenging subjects like  paintings with high gloss varnish, paintings under glass or resin coated, extremely large pieces, damaged or fragile pieces, etc.

All documentation photos are colour corrected and processed on a colour calibrated system to assure high colour accuracy. We pay special attention to preserve the texture and the feel of the photographed art piece in the image and use wide range of lighting equipment to create the necessary look.

We take special care handling artwork during the process of digitization and have a knowledge of safe practices dealing with fragile media.

Bringing your artwork to our studio will give you an affordable fixed rate per piece. We can also come to your location with our mobile studio. This service will be charged by the hour.

For pricing information or to book an appointment please contact us.

Documentation of large collections

Digital Perfections has documented numerous collections of artwork for galleries, cultural organizations, museums and private collectors.

One of the most notable was the documentation of the permanent collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery – almost a thousand pieces of artwork from miniature sketches on paper to large 8ft by 14ft paintings, from small figurines to large indoor and outdoor sculptures.

Our healthy perfectionism works well for these type of projects when it is necessary to safely  handle hundreds of pieces of artwork, manage records and fit deadlines.

We offer discounts on documenting collections of more than 10 pieces and can come to your location with our mobile studio.

Contact us to discuss your needs and get a quote for your project.